Big Easy, The (1986)

Big Easy, The (1986)

January 3, 2013 9:53 am 3 comments

Actor: Dennis Quaid
Character: Det. Remy McSwain
Watch: Rolex
Submitted by: Biffo

Actor: Ebbe Roe Smith
Character: Ed Dodge
Watch: Rolex
Submitted by: Biffo

Actor: Solomon Burke
Character: Daddy Mention
Watch: Rolex
Submitted by: Biffo

Actor: Lisa Jane Persky
Character: McCabe
Watch: Rolex
Submitted by: Biffo

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  • andy109

    Worst case of Rolex product placement ever. Everyone seems to be wearing the Rolex 18k model president model.

    • Biffo

      Yes, I thought it was a Rolexfest too lol !
      Ed’s ( Ebbe’s ) Rolex is sporting a Jubilee bracelet,
      not a President one, & from memory is bi metal too,
      suggesting a DateJust. The cyclops is not so clear
      in my image.