Deer Hunter, The (1978)

Deer Hunter, The (1978)

December 18, 2012 3:07 pm 2 comments

Watch: Assorted watches on a table, including a Seiko 6138-0020 SpeedTimer and what looks like a Counterfeit Rolex Root-Beer GMT Master.
Submitted by: George H.

Actor: Christopher Walken
Character: Nick
Watch: Rolex Submariner

Actor: Unknown
Character: Soldier
Watch: Rolex Submariner

Actor: Robert De Niro
Character: Michael
Watch: Rolex Seadweller

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  • Biffo

    The Root Beer Rolex is a fake, & a poor one at that.
    Only a Daydate has the aperture @ the 12 position
    spelling out the day in full.

  • Khairul

    Good catch ! How could anyone fake a marque so badly.