Delta Force, The (1986)

Delta Force, The (1986)

December 17, 2013 4:34 pm 3 comments

Actor: Lee Marvin
Character: Col. Nick Alexander
Watch: Heuer Chronograph
Submitted by: Biffo

Actor: Chuck Norris
Character: Maj. Scott McCoy
Watch: Unknown
Submitted by: Biffo


  • Morgana le Fay

    The watch is a Timex Camper

  • JP

    Both actors probably wearing Orfina Watches

    • Biffo

      Yes, I read that too in my research.
      But Lee’s chronograph has the recognisible
      Heuer logo above the day/date windows, &
      Chuck’s watch, to me anyway, doesn’t have
      the look of an Orfina about it. Morgana’s call
      of a Timex surprised me, but it does look more
      of a candidate. We need Orfina images really.