Transporter 2, The (2005)

Transporter 2, The (2005)

October 6, 2009 1:42 pm 8 comments

Character: Frank Martin
Actor: Jason Statham
Watch: Panerai 196

  • mohamed bhais

    i enjoy watch ing this website very much

  • nelly

    actually this edition of watch is a PAM00250 luminor daylight chronograph but it is not a recent model as this does not have white stitching on the strap.
    (source: me because I own this watch)

    • nelly

      i gladly stand corrected. There are minor differences from the 196 to the 250.

  • know it all

    its a pam196 which has black stitching

  • DJ Groove ‘n Mix

    This watch is a PAM196 instead of PAM250.
    Please update :)

  • T-fan

    This one does beep! beep!

  • Kevin Schmieder

    This is a 196, not a 250. The 250 only has a “12” on the dial. 250 has brushed bezel, not polished.

  • bolek

    What about rolex on the man-antidot