British Grand Prix – Silverstone 2015

British Grand Prix – Silverstone 2015

August 11, 2015 11:11 am 5 comments

Person: Lewis Hamilton
Watch: IWC
Submitted by: Biffo

  • Julius Swerving

    That thing looks huge on his wrist.

    • Peter Byford

      Yes, Lewis isn’t the biggest of guys, & the watch is at least
      42 mm, plus the crown . He doesn’t have much choice though
      as IWC is one of his team’s sponsors. He wouldn’t have shelled
      out his own money I’ve no doubt. Anyone worth $280 million &
      bought a $30 million Bombadier Challenger 605 jet can afford to buy literally any watch available…….& Lewis probably has lol !

      • Djarra .

        I think the one he wears on the podium in 46mm. Lewis has a vintage Tag that is the same as one owned by Ayrton Senna. (although Senna gave his to a mechanic)

        • Biffo

          Hi Djarra.
          If Senna gave his vintage Tag ( or was it a Heuer…pre Tag tie-up ? ) to his mechanic on a whim, I expect he had much more expensive watches to wear lol ! As I say, Lewis probably has a dream watch collection, AP, Hublot, RM , PP, …….perm any two of just those & you are talking kerching !

          • Djarra .

            As I recall the watch Senna gave away was one he’d got for winning his first Monaco and then wore for a few years. (and was a Heuer pre TAG) the mechanic joked that if Senna won back to back titles in ’89 they should swap watches as it was Senna didn’t win but gifted the watch anyway. Although Senna could just ask for a watch from Tag-Heuer as they were his sponsor he was more sentimental.
            As for Lewis he’s got a couple of one off Rolex Daytonas for winning the title, Vettel sold one of his for a huge sum although it was a charity auction so probably not representative.