Sons of Anarchy (2008-)

Sons of Anarchy (2008-)

October 23, 2012 12:03 pm 3 comments

Actor: Ron Perlman
Character: Clarence “Clay” Morrow
Watch: Rolex Day-Date President
Submitted by: Mads

Actor: Jimmy Smits
Character: Alex Prince
Watch: Panerai Luminor
Submitted by: faltermayer & Razorblhead

Title: You Are My Sunshine (S06E12)
Actor: Scott Anderson
Character: Connor Malone
Watch: Rolex Explorer II
Submitted by: DjoraSRB

Title: Smoke ’em If You Got ’em (S07E06)
Actor: Annabeth Gish
Character: Lieutenant Althea Jarry
Watch: G-SHOCK AWG-M100B-1A
Submitted by: DjoraSRB

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  • Wickedlysane

    Jimmy Smits has been wearing a Panerai for his guest stint this season.

  • Opie

    Is it a fake??

  • John Teller

    The President wears a President, Nice.