Digging In The Dirt (Music Video) (1992)

Digging In The Dirt (Music Video) (1992)

January 19, 2016 3:44 pm 3 comments

Musician: Peter Gabriel
Watch: Oris
Submitted by: Ed Heliosz


  • Biffo

    Hi Ed.
    Ah, the delectable Francesca Gonshaw in the video !

    When the escapement lets go with a fully wound mainspring,
    the hands spin round almost at the speed in the video lol !
    Nice musical capture !

  • Ed Heliosz

    Thanks Biffo.

  • Miki Richards

    Movement: 25 jewels automatic

    Case: acrylic/ stainless steel

    Case Width: 34 mm without crown

    Case Height: 41 mm with lugs

    Case Thickness: 9 mm

    Serial Number on Back: SA 7445

    Serial Number on Movement: 633

    Bracelet: stainless steel

    Bracelet Length: 5.8 in (measures up to 7.3 in)

    Gender: male

    Crystal: acrylic

    Dial/Face Width: 27 mm

    Dial/Face Height: 27 mm

    ORIS Classic Automatic Watch with Date display.

    ORIS SA 7445