Dexter (2006-)

Dexter (2006-)

February 18, 2010 5:31 pm 12 comments

Character: Dexter Morgan
Actor: Michael C. Hall
Watch: Waltham 25 Jewel Self Winding wristwatch from the 1970’s
Submitted by: Scud and ulackfocus on WUS and Roman

  • woot

    Notice that in all the scenes with his dad, that he is wearing the same watch. Dexter ended up with his dad’s old Timex.

  • Andrew

    Angel Batista played by David Zayas you can see his character has Hamilton Ventura white dial with flex bad ..

  • Dan

    What is Debra’s watch in season 4?

    • J

      If it’s the same as the one she’s wearing in Season 3 (only seen that far), I would guess one of the Casio Data Bank range (DB-36 maybe?)

  • Dark Passenger

    Information is wrong. It is a Waltham 25 Jewel Self Winding wristwatch from the 1970’s.

    • James_Enloe

      Do you have a source? 

      • Dark Passenger

        I was told by someone who works wardrobe who was told by a prop guy that it was a Waltham. After some googling I found the right watch.

      • Dexter Morgan

        There’s a pic you can match. It’s a spiedel twist o flex band.

        • James_Enloe

          Excellent – post updated!

  • Christian

    What is Trinity Killer’s watches in season 4?

  • Ohio Atheist

    I saw a Dexter Comic-Con panel and someone asked Michael C. Hall if he took anything from the set after the last episode, and he first mentions his watch. I thought it was awesome.

  • rangga

    Can any body help me.. I’m looking for the watches that used by the robber at Marv’s Pub, The Drop 2014. The broken watches. Thankss..