Interview for “The Independent”

I was approached by Anna Leach at The Independent in July 2011 regarding a short interview for a story she was writing regarding collecting things on the internet. That story was published and here is my exerpt:

James Enloe has a blog where he collects pictures of characters in movies wearing wristwatches, a screengrab of Clint Eastwood's being a typical entry. Enloe notes that Eastwood's GMT Master “Root Beer” Rolex has made a cameo in (at least) Firefox, Tightrope and In The Line of Fire. It's a collection that couldn't exist without the internet. Or at least without the watch community as empowered by the internet.

“The watch community, that's the juice behind the blog,” James says of “I receive about a half a dozen submissions a week from viewers who see a watch in a movie and take the time to grab a screenshot and send it my way.”

You can read the full article here: Curating online: Hobbies for the hipsters

Thanks again to Anna for reaching out to me!
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Watches in Movies
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