If you have come across a screen shot of a watch from a movie or TV show you can submit it to the site for posting by following the below guidelines.

All submissions must include:

  • Screen shot width must be at least 550px wideit is very helpful if it is a clear, unobstructed shot of the watch. Larger images are of course appreciated. Unedited screen shots are preferred, feel free to include related stock images of the watch.
    • (It would be very helpful if the submitted images were named with the movie title (no spaces), underscore, actor or watch. For example: GilligansIsland-TheProfessor This is the format I use when posting and it would speed up the process. You need to rename the image BEFORE uploading it into the “Add Media)
  • Name of the movie, TV show or appearance
  • Actor name and/or character name
  • Brand name of the watch (unknown is acceptable)
  • How you would like your name referenced in the post

You need to start every submission by copy and past this into the content :

Submitted by:


Since the refont of the website (april 2020), We recommend to write an article with 300 words and more. (no duplicate content)
This article will be link to the movie/TV/Various to which it belongs to

But if you just want to post a quick spot just by mentioning the 5 point above, it’s also possible.


There are two ways to submit, via the form below (easiest way) (if you do have a problem just scroll a bit).


Please log to the website to let the form appears

If you just sign in and don’t see the email activation then please check your spam !

You need to first.






If any of the above are missing I will have to skip the submission; it takes enough time without having to look up missing information. Images are uploaded in a completely haphazard and random method. Basically, I’m a one man operation and I upload as soon as I can.

Thank you again for your support. My thanks to my friends at the PMWF, TimeZone and WatchUSeek for their submissions, as well as uber-submitters Lauri, Thwizzit and Biffo.



Doesn’t work ?

If you are unable to post the spot with your actual account you can also send an email with this form below

*Show Title:
*Submitted by:
*Image 1:
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Image 3:
Image 4:
Image 5:

* denotes a required field.



If you are unsure of how to take a screenshot on your computer, check out for tips and how to. If the watch you want is on your TV you can take a picture of the screen with your camera and use it. I suggest a well lit room and a tripod if possible. It’s not perfect, but it works.

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