The Watches of James Bond

Bond, James Bond.

Perhaps one of the most well known personal introudctions uttered on film by that most well known of international spys. Men want to be him, women want to be with him. And some of us want to wear his watches.

Since his first film appearance in “Dr. No” Bond has been linked to wrist watches. He has worn , , , and during his film career. Special edidtion watches celebrating the franchise have been released and those appearing in eariler films are in high demand by watch enthusiasts.

The influcence of the James Bond character on the watch world cannot be denied, proof is all over the web. Gathered here are a number of watches as worn by Bond and his supporting cast throughout his movie career. While this list is not (yet) complete what is here paints a very clear picture of the importance of watches in the Bond films. Click the “Dr. No” link below to start the slideshow or choose one of the films from the list.

The Watches of James Bond Dr. No >

James Bond Films List

From Russia with LoveRolexYou Only Live Twice

Dr. No Rolex
Goldfinger Rolex
Thunderball Rolex, Breitling
Casino Royale Rolex
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Rolex,
Diamonds are Forever
Live and Let Die Hamilton, Rolex
Man With the Golden Gun Rolex
The Spy Who Loved Me Seiko
Moonraker Seiko
For Your Eyes Only Seiko
Octopussy Seiko
Never Say Never Again
A View to a Kill Seiko
The Living Daylights , Unknown
License to Kill Rolex
Goldeneye Omega
Tomorrow Never Dies Omega
The World is not Enough Omega
Die Another Day Omega
Casino Royale Omega,
Quantum of Solace Omega, Hamilton

If you want to read more on the history of Bond watches in films, check out the excellent series of posts over at, starting with Chapter 1: Genesis–Ian Fleming's Dream

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