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I was approached back in April by Tracey Llewellyn of QP Magazine who was writing an article on watch placement in movies. Tracey had found the site and asked if I was interested in being interviewed for the article. I graciously accepted and am pleased to say that the (well done) article is available in Issue 42. My bit in the article is below.

Idaho-based watch fan, blogger and founder of watchesinmovies.info, James Enloe states the case: “The way I see it brand placement is a normal part of movie making. Identifying watches in films is fun – a bit like a game I suppose. If I am watching a DVD and spot a watch I check the timestamp and make a note on my phone so that when I'm done I can grab a screen shot! The only time it frustrates me is if I cannot identify a watch being shown.”


So are the costume designers getting it right? The final word here has to go to Enloe. “For the most part I believe wardrobe departments do extremely well. There are the occasional characters wearing watches way above their pay grade (such as the Aquatimer Chronograph worn by Sam Jaeger's character Nick in Lucky Number Slevin) but usually the watch does fit the character.” But whereas the costume designer's choice is usually spot on, the producers do sometimes get it wrong in terms of useage. In War Of The Worlds for example, Tom Cruise wears a vintage mechanical chronograph and when all things electronic short out early in the film his non-quartz watch is affected. Another questionable use is in The Transporter when Jason Statham's character's Daylight Chronograph alarm beeps; the problem is that watch does not have an alarm. As with anything, the average person will not notice these mistakes but the army of watch enthusiasts out there will spot them right away.”

You can read the full article via PDF here. Be sure to also check out QP Magazine for other great features and articles from the world of watches.

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