Clint Eastwood’s Root Beer Rolex

Clint Eastwood. Badass.

The two words go hand in hand for much of Eastwood's acting career. His characters are larger than life and tougher than nails. Evidence is showing that he likes his watches the same way.

A few screen shots have come in from some of Clint's films that share the same trait: a GMT Master “Root Beer”.

Photo by PeterM on TZ-UK

Based upon the appearances in the films spread over eleven years my guess is this is his own personal watch. Clearly it's as rough and tough as Clint is to withstand the rigors of film making, much like the man himself. Just a few examples of the watch right now, but keep your eyes peeled for more appearances.

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Clint's Root Beer Rolex Appearances

In the Line of Fire


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