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Day the Earth Stood Still, The (2008)

Character: Dr. Helen Benson Actor: Jennifer Connelly Watch: Citizen Submitted by: Lauri Character: Secretary of Defense Regina Jackson ...

Dark Knight, The (2008)

This shot is of Ceradyne, Inc.'s Founder and CEO wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. That company provided the ceramic armour plates for the bat costume in ...

Cube 2: Hypercube (2002)

Character: Jerry Whitehall; Simon Grady Actor: Neil Crone; Geraint Wyn Davies Watch: Seiko

Crank (2006)

Character: Chev Actor: Jason Statham Watch: TAG Heuer Carrera

Covenant, The (2006)

Character: Chase Collins Actor: Steven Strait Watch: TAG Heuer Carrera Submitted by: Anjan Shenoy

Constantine (2005)

Character: John Constantine Actor: Keanu Reeves Watch: Oris Modern Classic Submitted by: Anjan Shenoy

Commando (1985)

Character: John Matrix Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: Seiko H558 Submitted by: Actor: Alyssa Milano Character: Jenny Matrix ...

Cobra (1986)

Character: Lt. Marion "Cobra" Cobretti Actor: Sylvester Stalone Watch: Heuer Submitted by:

Click (2006)

Character: Michael Newman Actor: Adam Sandler Watch: Hamilton Khaki

Casino Royale (2006)

< Die Another Day The Watches of James Bond Quantum of Solace >   Character: James Bond Actor: Daniel Craig Watch: Omega Planet Ocean ...

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  1. Good chance this is just a movie prop and not a readily available watch.

  2. The most well known of the unknown watches.

    Many think it is an Omega Seamaster, but I am not convinced.

  3. @N.B. – Thanks! I’ve changed the entry to reflect Timex.

  4. The Speedmaster X-33 seen in the first image is very real (view it on Omega’s site here). The Bvlgari is the same watch with the effects to (for whatever reason) make it a Bvlgari.

  5. @ Ed,

    Thanks, Ed. When I originally started this site back in 2007 I recall coming across yours, I probably still have it bookmarked. 🙂 I’ll be sure to use it as a reference where possible.

    Thanks for the note,


  6. Sorry, edited to give proper credit.

    I try to be good about that, but I must have overlooked this one. Fixed, now. Glad you like the site.

  7. Thanks for the comments! I’ve updated the listing to reflect the correct model.

  8. Thanks to you both! Entry has been updated.

  9. Pray tell, what is it, then? 🙂

  10. Thanks, JB! I’ve updated the entry.

  11. No, the case is actually curved on this watch, not flat as would be required for a Reverso. I suspect it’s something vintage.

  12. @Ryan S. Thanks! Entry updated.

  13. @MCB, @varo: Thanks gents! Post updated.

  14. @fikthor, @William Mason: You both agree it is a Vacheron Constantin; entry updated to reflect.


  15. @Flad: The Nautica ( is a good current example, however keep in mind the movie is over 20 years old! Doubt the actual watch worn is still in production.

  16. @Wainando: Glad you enjoy the site! And thanks for the catch, it’s been misspelled for a long time and no one noticed!

  17. Thank you! Post updated.

  18. Thanks, gents. I’ll have to look for my source as to the make of Hopper’s watch. I think the silver looking face in the first pic lead the source to think Yachtmaster.

  19. Thank you, David, post updated.

  20. See my previous comment. 🙂 I stand by it.

  21. Red Monkey Armada GT appears to be correct! A Google search will provide the results.

  22. This is a blog about watches appearing in movies and TV. Pretty simple.

  23. @Roguehog: It has a similar look, however the lugs don’t seem quite right and the title is a bit long for IWC. Good guess, though.

  24. @Nai no Kami – that looks like a really close match. Would need to know if it was available in 1987.

  25. Actually, it is correct. Redford is wearing the TAG Heuer in the beginning of the film before they enter the bank.

  26. Ok, maybe it’s not! Seems the TAG Heuer might belong to River Phoenix. I’m going to break out my copy of the DVD again and have another look.

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